Gene Tierney: A Forgotten Star

Wednesday 8 August at 8.30pm

Australian Premiere | Available on Foxtel On Demand

Gene Tierney´s life story would perfectly lend itself to a screenplay for a successful Hollywood movie with herself starring in it. She grew up in a well-to-do middle class family and began to write poetry at an early age. On a trip to Los Angeles she was taken on a tour through the Warner Studios. When Anatole Litvak spotted her, he said to her mother: “she ought to be in pictures”. A screen test was arranged and a contract offered which her father however turned down. If she wants to act, then she should to it in a legitimate theatre, he thought. Instead of Hollywood she initially went to Broadway. Her motion picture debut was a supporting role as Eleanor Stone in Fritz Lang´s western “The Return of Frank James” (1940) opposite Henry Fonda. She already received top billing in Ernst Lubitsch´s classic comedy “Heaven Can Wait” (1943). She rose to stardom in Otto Preminger´s “Laura” (1943). Less well known are her years of mental illness. Clara and Julia Kuperberg have been given access to the family archives with family photographs, films and notebooks by Gene Tierney. They also used existing interviews with the star and talked to Tierney´s grandchildren and Martin Scorsese who is a fan. Joseph McBride, Molly Haskell and Cari Beauchamp will assess her acting career.