Dr George Gittoes AM

Dr George Gittoes AM

“I don’t think there’s anyone you’d ever want to paint that you’d take a bullet for – but I’d take one for Julian.”

Art Style: Figurative Modernism
Archibald Finalist: 5 Times (1997 John Olsen, 1995 General John Sanderson, 1994 Self Portrait, 1993 Ronaldo Cameron, 1991/92 William Yang)

2017 Archibald Sitter: Julian Assange (Founder of WikiLeaks)

George Gittoes is one of Australia’s most internationally famous filmmakers. An auteur director who has been making his award winning and unique films since 1977, ‘Rainbow Way’ that was shown in both the Sydney and Melbourne film festivals, and only recently shown in an internationally touring show of Australian Abstract Films. 1981 ‘Refined Fire’, 16mm short film, Sydney Film Festival. 2003-04 ‘Soundtrack to War’, Iraq, feature documentary, VH1 and ABC.  Various scenes included in Michael Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ 2005-06 ‘Rampage’, feature documentary, shot in Miami, shown at Berlin Film Festival (nominated for a Golden Hugo Best Documentary). Theatrical release in UK and Australia.
2009 feature documentary, ‘Miscreants of Taliwood’, completed, Pakistan, screened by SBS, IDFA and at Teluride. 2013 Completed feature documentary, ‘Love City Jalalabad’, produced by Piraya Films, Stavanger, Norway. Selected for Sydney Film Festival (Nominated for the Foxtel Australian Documentary Award) 2013. ‘Snow Monkey’ was nominated for Best Documentary at the AFI AACTA Awards, 2016, and won the Best Contemporary Lives Award at the Biogra International Film Festival Bologna in 2016.

Gittoes was the recipient of the Sydney Peace Prize 2015.

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