The Victorian House of Arts and Crafts

Tuesdays at 7.30pm from September 17
Australian Premiere | Streaming On Demand

Mixing exquisite design and stunning art with a dash of radical idealism, The Victorian House of Arts & Crafts is a new living history series from the makers of Victorian Farm that celebrates one of the UK’s greatest art and design movements.

In a timely social experiment, six modern day craftspeople are sent back in time to live in a remote country house where they immerse themselves in the idealistic dreams of Arts and Crafts visionaries William Morris, John Ruskin and Gertrude Jekyll. Cut off from modern life, they must forego technology to lovingly breathe new life into the property by decorating and furnishing four key rooms, with everything made by hand from scratch.

But will 21st century sensibilities crumble under the reality and pressures of 19th century life?